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1. Send a check by U.S. Mail: 

The Committee receives all of your contribution this way.

Mail to:  Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan
           P.O. Box 490
           Charlevoix, MI 49720

Please make checks payable to:  

Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan

2.  Donate online below.

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*Please note that Pay Pal takes a percentage of every online contribution. Therefore, it you would like to have every cent go toward the campaign, consider sending a check instead.

The following guidelines apply for all contributions:

  • No contribution can be anonymous. 
  • A contribution of $20.00 or less may be received in cash or check.
  • A written instrument (check, money order, or online) is required for any contribution over $20.00.
  • When a contributor donates over $100.00 during the 2-year election cycle, we must also report the following information: Occupation, Name of Employer, and Principal place of business (address)
  • We cannot accept money from foreign nationals.
  • Ballot Question Committees can accept contributions from corporations, non-profit organizations, and unions.

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