September 19, 2013

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Ban fracking petition deadline nears, more endorsers announced

Charlevoix, Michigan – Today the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan announces more endorsing organizations and individuals who support the Committee's ballot initiative to ban horizontal fracking and frack wastes in Michigan. The Committee's self-imposed deadline to collect signatures is October 1. Circulators are urged to send in sheets no later than October 2. New volunteers should contact the campaign website immediately to volunteer and get petition sheets.

National leaders, local leaders, organizations and small businesses are stepping up to endorse the campaign.

Activists in other states who are seeing the harmful effects of fracking include the powerhouse group, Marcellus Protest, based in Pennsylvania, who is actively endorsing and promoting Michigan's efforts. Phil Doe, with Be the Change in Colorado, the leader of a state ballot initiative to protect Colorado's water from fracking, and who most recently has reported on the devastating effects of Colorado's massive floods on heavily-fracked Weld County, also endorses the Michigan ban fracking initiative.

International leader Jonathan Deal of the South African group trying to ban fracking, Treasure the Karoo Action Group, and the 2013 recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa (only one award is given out to one person per continent worldwide) and who has travelled extensively in the United States visiting fracking operations, gives his wholehearted support to the Committee to Ban Fracking. Also endorsing, from Canada, Emma Lui and Council of Canadians. Lui toured the deep frack wells in Kalkaska County as part of their group's Protect the Great Lakes Forever Tour and wrote about Michigan's ballot initiative.

National leaders Dr. Jill Stein, the 2012 presidential candidate for the Green Party, who recently came to Michigan and spoke out about fracking at the Occupy National Gathering in Kalamazoo, and David Cobb, who barnstormed through four Michigan cities this week giving presentations with the grassroots movement called Move to Amend, also endorse.

Local leaders Craig Covey, former mayor of Ferndale, and Summerfield Township supervisor John Chandler, in Monroe County, also endorse.

New endorsing individuals and organizations:

Alcona Local Food Association

Barry County Democratic Committee

John Chandler, Summerfield Township Supervisor, Monroe County

David Cobb, spokesperson, Move to Amend

Council of Canadians (

Craig Covey, former mayor, City of Ferndale

Jonathan Deal, 2013 winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa, Treasure the Karoo

Phil Doe, Be the Change, Colorado ban fracking activist

Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party candidate for president

Marcellus Protest, (Pennsylvania)

Treasure the Karoo Action Group (South Africa)

Peace, Love and Planet, Northville

Progressive Printing, Battle Creek

Roger Taylor, radio host, WKZO, Kalamazoo

Sally Rogers, folk musician, Thrushwood Press Publishing

Play Environments, Inc., Holland (MI)

AMPM24-7 Productions, Honor

Ideology, Inc., Oxford

Moratorium Now! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoff, Detroit

Howie Hawkins, Syracuse, NY

All ballot initiatives are non-partisan. Initiatives are an electoral process guaranteed by the Michigan state constitution. The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan is a registered ballot question committee registered with the Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. The purpose of a ballot initiative is to put a vote of the people on the ballot in a statewide election.

Campaign director LuAnne Kozma notes “The threat of fracking in Michigan is pulling people together as much as it is pulling some communities apart. There is not an upstate/downstate divide, nor is it solely a rural issue. The frack industry rewards a few people financially and impacts a lot of people negatively. Fracking is going to affect all of Michigan's people through contamination of the air, water resources, food and beverages, all of our life support systems.”

Endorsements will be announced periodically. To endorse the campaign, groups and individuals are urged to go to the Committee's website at: to the Endorse page to register their support. Non-profits may endorse ballot initiatives because it is not considered lobbying to ask fellow voters to sign a petition or vote for a ballot proposal. Organizations and its members are expected to assist the campaign to gather signatures and raise money to qualify for the ballot.

Contributions to the campaign can be made online at or by check to: Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, PO Box 490, Charlevoix, MI, 49720. Contributions must include: contributor's name address, and occupation, employer name, and employer address.



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